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The August Chapter

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Cant believe its been a long time since I logged in here!
To be honest life has been good so far! I'm just slack from trying to blog/updates, my apologies!
Looking back, I really miss blogging, or should I say posting my life online so I can actually read on and reflect about myself, my life years later. So here I am, back online now!
So much to say, so much to update, but i'll just keep it simple for now.

Year 2011
Jan/Feb- went back to Singapore for CNY and finally gathered all the courage to have my wisdom tooth out. Thank goodness it's only 2 tooth that I have to remove from left side, the other 2 on the right is fine so it's a close escape. The surgery wasn't really that bad at all. I suppose after visiting the dentist a hundred times for my braces I'm not really scared of the them anymore. I was so impressed with my dentist, I only have minimal swelling and there was no bruising at all!

Aug-I've got a car! Well not exactly my kind of car but mike dad reckon it's a good enough car so I got it instead. Its a second hand Toyota echo and it's only 8k! I'm not really fuss anyway coz I doubt I'll be driving much in it hehee.

Sept- we went back to Singapore and went ring shopping! and on 4th sept mike proposed to me! this has been a long time coming!! I suppose with us staying together for almost a year now my parents  been nagging us to get married etc you know the usual chinese Asian thing. at the end of the day when the time is right and the person you are with is right, bingo! that's my belief in marriage. I believe that people marry the right person at the right time, you know not necessary the person you love the most kind. god has his way in life and when you meet the person that's right for you with the same objectives, it must have happened for a reason! so anyway, my proposal is not fancy/surprising etc although I have always imagine to have a tear dropping/ touching kind of proposal! but I'm very grateful anyway because I know mike is not that kind of guy and for him to go on his knee and ask me to marry him is the most amazing thing already.

Oct- I have been promoted to a CLINICAL NURSE! biggest achievement in life I would say. who would have thought me coming here to get my degree, get a nursing job and survived the last three years on the surgical ward and viola! got such a amazing position! I know I'm so blessed!

Nov- went back to Singapore to collect our ring and went on a first honeymoon to Taipei! hehehe.

7:36 PM

Thursday, November 11, 2010

July 2010

It was July that I went back to Singapore to watch Jay Chou concert.

Strangely enough I have been questioning myself since when have I become a Jay Chou fan? You know, back were those days when I am all crazy about Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears etc. But Jay, I don’t think so!! I still remembered it was my ex that used to like him and I would actually buy his CD for him for his collection! But I just wasn’t interested in his music at all and to tell you the truth, I don’t think I even listened to his songs! And look at me now!! I could sing most of his songs and I would go crazy playing his songs at Kbox!

His concert was definitely one of the best I’ve been!! It was so good!! I cant wait to actually relive the moment and watch it again!!

And so since I was in Singapore, we celebrated Mike’s 30th at Sentosa.

We stayed at Siloso Beach Resort. I always wanted to go there ever since i saw some online photos of the place. It was not as good as i thought but oh well, the highlight was just the private jacuzzi bath tub on the upper floor of your room. Just something different from your usual hotel room you know? I'll leave the rest to your imagination. Haha.

And finally we went to the Universal Studios! It was pretty small seriously! But still we had a great time under the hot sun!

Best moment was seeing Shrek!

And who can forget going to the MBS?

I'm going to book a room there one day and that's for sure!!

4:18 PM

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

June 2010

June was the month of the world cup fever, even “the family” went crazy gearing up and showing their every bit of support to the Socceroos.

Obviously they didn’t quite make it, but who cares? I was busy trying to support Argentina you see, but despite looking everywhere to find a jersey for myself that weekend, it was absolutely impossible to find one in Perth!

Also, Mike’s house is finally “liveable” after so long!

We started cooking dinner over there more often and spending more time in his extravagant home theatre.


home made teriyaki skewers!

And what started off as camping over at his place became permanently moving in! Soon after, I bought my first ever piece of home appliance/electronic!!

The 40 inch Sony Bravia for the bedroom! And best of all, it came along with the PS3!! Strangely, I don’t even use the PS3! But watching the boyfriend played “God of War 3” on it was like the best thing ever!! I swear I’m going to make Mike buy the entire series and watch him play it!

3:55 PM

Oh gosh, i cannot believe it must have been a good 3 months that i have stop blogging!!!
Sorry for those that came back to my blog faithfully thinking i will be back with more recent blogs!!

All i can say is that it must have been the most tiring, emotion wreaking and busiest 3 months of my life!!

I must have been back and forth to Singapore so many times these months that i reckon i must be developing some sort of a DVT from my aching legs!! Once again a big sorry to those that i could not have catch up in Singapore, just like the saying, so near yet so far!

All i could say is that it is good to be back! Now that i got a little more time apart from moving the house hassle , doing the housework etc, i can finally have some free time to do some blogging!
So watch out for my back posts!!

Missed you guys too!!

2:47 PM

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1:25 hrs

It has been a long long while since i've spoke to someone on the phone for that long!

Hang in there buddy!! I'm glad you shared your stories with me and i hope i did helped you in any way.

Sometimes some people tell you their problems not hoping for an answer, but just to be listened.
i think i heard you.

3:22 AM

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Henry came back from Melbourne with these goodies!! Thanks you soooo much Henry!!!!! The delices are soooooooo YUMMY. Mike lost a bet to me so i had 4 pieces of them instead!!! Hahhaha. Drools!!

The delices are just sooooo good lah. Gotta try them to believe me!! It was last year in Melbourne that we tried it in Lindt cafe that we found this new love! haha.

At Lindt Cafe
Trying out the heavenly goodies.
Decided to take away some delices after the Lindt Cafe to enjoy it in the hotel again.
they are just sooooooo good!!!
It was sooo good that we decided to take away some for the plane ride home too!!! Mike enjoying his cup of hot Lindt chocolate during the winter cold.
The box of goodies.

Enjoying the very last bit of it on the plane.

Can we have a Lindt cafe in Perth already!!!!

11:09 PM

Monday, June 7, 2010

This is a no ordinary key!!

It's a key to Mike house and yesh he has given it to me!!! Jumps in joy!!! hahaha.
I suppose it's the same joy you get when you get a proposal just that he shoved the key to me instead with nothing on it. Well, you see i was expecting something more... Like maybe in a blue box with a ribbon on it. Hahaha. Or at least he could have put the key into the keychain that Jenny bought. But oh well, that's my typical boyfriend for you.

So last weekend we decided to camp over at his new place and boy it felt soooo goood!!! It's like a dream come true for me definitely. Building a house is not a easy task! It must have been close to a year since the building started. Seeing a piece of land transform from nothing to having walls around it and turning into a house with roof on it... it seriously felt like you were watching your child grow up!!
It started with a slab on the land.
Building materials arrived.
Walls are built.
The house is slowly taking shape.
The house is formed!!
Chosing the colours, designs etc is a headache!
Finally, my first sleepover on the super comfy bed!
First shower there.

And not forgetting hogging the whole basin to myself! LOl.

And of course making full use of Mike's huge walk-in wardrobe.

More about Mike's house next time and i cant wait to stay there again!!!!!!!

11:25 PM